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Reasons you Must Amend your Workouts as per the Season

Boot camps are the perfect place for you if you want to build up your fitness levels and enhance your strength and stamina. Your trainer will tell you how important it is to work on a customized exercise plan which accommodates seasonal fluctuations. The transition from summer to winter changes the course of your workouts and keeps you fresh and active.


Introduce variety in our life
Just like seasonal fluctuations are important in terms of preserving the environment, seasonal changes in your workout regime are important for preserving the freshness of your training regime. Workout changes keep the regime interesting for you when you exercise at an outdoor group fitness boot camp. Trainers say that that the body needs to be challenged with twists in workouts as this speed up the muscle recovery time and keep the interest levels alive.

In fact, research shows that almost 40% of fitness enthusiasts hit a weight loss plateau in the first two months if they keep doing the same workouts. Another survey proved that about 65% of people found doing the same kind of workouts so boring that they quit their fitness regime in the first three months. So training outdoors has its health benefits, many people will only train with fitness boot camps and will refuse to train indoors at a gym or health club.

Workouts in the winter
Dan Clay – the owner of The Dangerously Academy says that winters are the time when boot camp participants focus on gaining muscle mass. A lot of baggy clothing and layered outfits are worn in the winters so a couple of pounds can go by unnoticed.

CEC courses for personal trainers will help educate them on new and improved training methods.

The boot camp crew after a workout!
The cold outside environment prevents people from engaging in too much of outdoor cardio. A decent run on the treadmill followed by a session of weight training is all you need in the winter. You need to focus on bulking up your body with lean muscle that will burn fat for you in the warmer months.

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Cut down on mass in the spring
The advent of spring means that there is a fresh breeze in the air and you can actually start exercising outdoors again. Boot camps say that it’s important to do more cardiovascular exercises in this season as you will feel more energetic and the weather outside is likely to be pleasant.

Fitness Australia CEC courses teach trainers on how to effectively create such training programs.

You need to look ahead to the summer months when you will wear revealing outfits which display the physique that you have built up during the year.
Working out hard in the summer

Most of the top Fitness Australia fitness trainers feel that summers are peak times for fitness training. However, if you live in an area which has unbearably hot and humid summers then you need to work out hard in the spring and then slow down in summers. In any case, summers are times when you go to the beach and you need to look fit and toned. Heavyweight training and volume training done on alternate days should serve your purpose.

Seasonal change in workouts
The diet and the physiological needs of the body changes with the change in season and you need to be in a position to work with the change. In winters the body goes into semi-hibernation mode so it’s not wise to force yourself to do too much cardio. In the summer you get to wear lightweight clothing which allows you to do intense exercises. This is what fitness trainers in boot camps at Sydney Park insist upon.

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